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Thread: Do I have fake Super Slinkys?

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    Do I have fake Super Slinkys?

    I recently brought some Ernie Ball Super Slinkys off eBay, for £5 a packet (I brought 4).

    When they arrived, I noticed the colour seemed a bit off, they are more purple than pink. I checked the back, to find a different design than I was used to, but I assumed it was an old packet.

    I have done some research online about fake Ernie ball strings, and they say there should be the apostrophe (') in between the L and S in "balls are best" part of the logo. The strings do have that so I don't think that's the problem.

    Another clue I found is there not being a white border on the "www.battleofthebands". Mine doesn't have it, there is only the glossy text, I am not sure if this means anything.

    Another thing I found is that the fold in the center of the back of the packet covers up the barcode slightly, I couldn't find another example of this online.

    The final thing I found was the actual string packets themselves. Luckily I have one genuine 9 gauge packet I could compare it to. As you can see, the real ones are bolder and the colours are brighter, as well as the white paper being "more white" whereas the suspect ones are a bit yellow, like they are old.

    I checked the balls of the strings, they seem the same apart from that the real ones have a slightly larger gap for the string.

    IMAGES: (note it may not look as clear on camera)

    Pictures of the suspect strings:

    Suspect String Images - Album on Imgur

    Compared to real ones:

    Real vs suspect - Album on Imgur

    If anyone can help me out it would mean a lot.


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    They look genuine to me.
    There should be a number/code on the inside of the pack on the silver part.

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    I am in Australia and just received mine from FleaBay. On opening the the parcel both packs of strings were in an envelope labelled MADE IN CHINA. I think I have been ripped. Normally visit the local geetar shop but they are closed as we are in COVID Lockdown.

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    my best guess is that your suspected strings are simply a couple years old. "Battle of the Bands" last happenend in 2015, if I am not mistaken, and the packaging was redesigend since.

    Also, printing results llike the saturation of the colour do vary, if only to match a price point for millions of printed envelopes (less paint is a lot cheaper).

    I noticed two details however: the width of the groove of the brass ball ends and the zig-zag of the outer packaging, which today is a lot finer than on your pics. Of course over the years there might have been some spec changes. Maybe someone from the product department can confirm?

    Either way: put them on play them. And maybe next time simply buy from your local music dealer.
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    Hi, I hope everyone is well. I just join the forum today and I am here because I think I came across a fake batch of Skinny Top Heavy Bottom. I am based in Thailand and one year ago I bought six-packs to have spares with me. And two days ago I have installed one pack of that batch for the first time and right away it did not feel right. The strings feel very soft and sound out of tune. I keep tunning but it sounds bad. The last time, when I was in Europe, I bought a box of twelve and they were nothing like the one I have now. I went to check online about this and I came across the video of that guy comparing the fake and the real and it tick all the boxes. I was not aware that fake strings could exist. I will keep at it anyway and see if it gets better but I think they are wrong. I will also contact the online shop and report.

    Just wanted to share that.

    All the best to everyone.

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