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Thread: Rusty Ernie Ball Extra Slinky strings out of sealed package

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    Exclamation Rusty Ernie Ball Extra Slinky strings out of sealed package

    I have purchased three packs of Ernie Ball's Extra Slinky (2255). Watched the only youtube video I found about fakes vs legits and the packaging really looks legit.

    It is an older model with the front without the eagle, but the back was exactly the same as the video (not sure I can link it here, let me know if I may). Everything looked real authentic to me, including the price I paid here in Brazil. :P

    But the three thinner strings, 08 11 and 14 guage, are all rusty.

    I have sent an email with no response in days after seeing a couple threads here suggesting to do so. I have made a video on showing the unpackaged and installed set, then unpacking the two other sealed packages, all with thinner gauges rusty, with smaller and larger rust points all along the strings. Even staining the packaging.

    I have just looked inside one of the packages and I can't see any imprinted code, word, anything, is this a sign of a "good fake"? It has the importer company labels and all, I just can't see how these would be fakes.

    So my question would be: does Ernie Ball offers any kind of warranty for "rusty out of packaging" string packs?

    I have attempted a replacement from the shop I purchased but just to be sure, the seller opened one of the packages they would send -- indeed updated design, it has the eagle on the front and in the back, no longer has the "battleofthebands" URL, and has a "tone profile" section instead of the "genuine ernie ball" seal.

    Just to be clear: the initially received packages had the "genuine ernie ball" seal in the back, and "battleofthebands" mention, and front didn't feature the eagle at top, but a "guitar pick pinching strings" at right.

    The difference between the "old" I received and the "new" the shop opened to check is that mines had all 8 11 14 with several rust points across the string, and in theirs, only 11 or 14 displayed a few rust points in just a small section of the string (but a section subject to tension!).

    But I can't find anything Ernie Ball formally guarantees or "disclaims guarantee" on those rusty-on-package strings, other than the "Fresh all the time" mentions in the packaging itself.

    I will need to post the pics in a next thread throughout the weekend. But I'd love to hear something from Ernie Ball about these rusty strings.

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    Contacting EB is the right way to go- they're the ones that can help you out. If you don't hear back by early next week, reach out to them again.

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    Also, try Daniel at

    In Brazil, your warranty may be covered by the store you bought from. Ask them, they may replace the strings for you themselves.
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    Hello All,

    Livin close to Paris, France.
    I face the same trouble with Slinky M-Steel(2921) strings I bought in August. I now open each pack when needed and most string are partially corroded.
    As I buy per Internet, it's difficult to have contact with the seller.
    Nevertheless I would like to know if the properties of the strings are affected and if EB is aware of this problem.

    Shall I contact EB France ?

    Thanks a lot

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    Hi I also have this problem I bought six sets of paradigms now from the official dealer here in the philippines listed in their site, sucks because I absolutely love the strings, but I always get rust spots with all the sets I bought and they only last about 2 months for 6-8hrs of use a week on a les paul (so no floyd or trem bar) with graphtech nut and saddle and I just use dunlop flow picks also not heavy handed and I wipe them clean after every use.

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    Hi Ernie Bll,

    Good day! Just bought Ernie Ball RPS 9. Installed the set today, and to my surprise, numbers 1, 2 & 3 strings have some rust on them.

    Please refer to attached pictures.

    Thank you,
    Patrick Fajardo

    PS.. Haven't opened the other one, cause I bought two sets, hoping it would not be rusty too.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Rusty Ernie Ball Extra Slinky strings out of sealed package-screenshot_20210102-203516_gallery-jpg   Rusty Ernie Ball Extra Slinky strings out of sealed package-20210102_201256-jpg   Rusty Ernie Ball Extra Slinky strings out of sealed package-20210102_201235-jpg   Rusty Ernie Ball Extra Slinky strings out of sealed package-20210102_201156-jpg  

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