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Thread: whats your equipment setup?

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    whats your equipment setup?

    hey just wonderin what equipment ppl are using out there.
    i use a fender american percision bass, ernieball roundwound hybrid strings, mesa/boogie 4x12 powerhouse cabinet and a mesa/boogie walkabout head. it sounds ****in awesome.

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    I´ve got:

    Ernie Ball Music Man: Steve Morse signature guitar

    Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings

    Marshall mgx 100

    a lot of pedals....

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    '92 Purple EBMM EVH
    Ibanez RG560
    Fernandes Strat copy (don't know the model # or name)
    Alvarez acoustic
    Yamaha bass
    Marshall JCM 900 model 4500 50 watt head
    Marshall 1960A 4x12 cabinet w/25 watt greenbacks
    Pod Pro w/floorboard
    Various pedals that I don't use, except my Boss eq pedal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Morse
    I´ve got:

    Ernie Ball Music Man: Steve Morse signature guitar

    Ernie Ball Super Slinky strings

    Marshall mgx 100

    a lot of pedals....
    Dude, that ain't no bass rig

    My main axes are:
    - Silhouette 6 string bass, strung with EB Roundwounds.
    - Fender Mustang w/ EMG Ps.
    My pedal is a BP200.
    My rack has:
    - DTR 1000
    - MEQ230
    - Behringer autocom
    - ART X-over
    - 2.1KW of amps
    My monitors:
    - A pair of 5" Logitechs
    - A bot w/JBL K145

    The only thing I'm missing is Steve Morse

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    Here's what I use for gigging:


    Kit Harper custom tele copy (built to my specs baby!)
    '57 RI les Paul Spc. TV Yellow
    And sometime next week, a Surf Green Silhouette


    Peavey VTM 60 head w/Laney 4X12 box, loaded w/70 watt Celestions
    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
    Silvertone Head w/matching 2X12 box


    Two TS-9's

    undefined"Honey don't walk out, I'm too drunk to follow..." - Tom Petty

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    Here is my rig:
    04 Stingray5 Copperhead/Bronze (loaded with venom too!!!!)
    02 Fender Jazz5 defretted with custom emg40s in a pj config
    GK1001RBII - plenty power
    Alesis nano compressor - easy to use/transparent
    and on occassion I will break out the BOSS GT6B on jam gigs where I can relax and play around.
    Stingray 5 HH
    Graphite Pearl finish w/ Moonstone pickguard

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    EBMM EVH Green quilt
    '79 LP custom sliverburst
    '97 LP Ace Frehley Custom
    "86 USA Kramer Baretta Flip-Flop Blue w/ floyd
    #708 Wechter Pathmaker Acoustic Blue-Burst (made in paw paw, MI)

    Peavey Transfex 208 amp

    Crybaby Whah-Whah

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    I've got a jewel blue yamaha rbx-170 p/j bass

    stock strings

    15 watt crate practice amp

    I'm not proud of it but it works
    Crazy doesn't even began to cover it......

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    *SG special
    *Ernie ball supers
    *zoom 505 II
    *DigiTech XHR Hot Rod™ Distortion Pedal
    *DigiTech XTD Tone Driver™ Overdrive Pedal
    *Kustom Dual 35 DFX 30 Watt 1 x 10" 3 Channel Guitar Combo with Digital Effects Black - Black

    I don't like the zoom 505 so much because i totally kills my guitars tone but i do get a lot of different sounds out of it.

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    Mini rig

    Backup rig

    Main rig

    Some more stuff

    More stuff

    My computer room

    VHT Super 30

    An old Engl

    Some of the guitars

    Some things not pictured:
    2x VHT Ultraleads
    THD Flexi 50 w/ 2x12 and 8 ohm hotplate
    Groove Tubes Soul-O 45 w/ Avatar 1x12
    Mesa Boogie Mark 3 Wood wicker
    Fender 75 head
    Fender Deluxe Reverb
    Bogner XTC w/ 4x12
    Crate V1512
    Etc etc etc
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    Hey dude, just curious; But do you know what happens if you get speaker magnets near the hard drive in your PC? Data corruption or worse: erasure. Noticed you have two very large speakers with very large magnets less than one foot from your pc tower. Since all the data is stored magnetically on a hard drive that may not be the best place for them. just FYI

    Those powered monitors are probably shielded but I doubt the others are

    Good Luck and oh yeah; Cool gear dude..........
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    Stingray 5 HH
    Graphite Pearl finish w/ Moonstone pickguard

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    Here's my big rig. Sunn 300T, MM HD2x10 & 2x12
    I also have a Marshall Superbass 100 w/ 1553 cab (2x10, 1x15)
    20th Anniv. Ray, Bongo, bunch of Fenders, Ric 4001, T-Bird, Hayman 40-40, Strat and a Tele.

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    Ernie Ball Music Man Luke - Strung with 9-42
    Ernie Ball Music Man Luke 2 - Strung with 9-42
    Ernie Ball Music Man Petrucci - Strung with 10-46

    Peavey 5150ii
    Peavey 5150 cab.
    Custom 2x12 loaded with celestion sidewinders

    TC Electronics G-Major

    Morley Wah
    Zoom Midi Controller
    Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

    Limited edition True Gold Luke On order - For a third time, thanks Colin
    Dargie Delight II Luke with matching headstock Once again, thanks Colin.
    Ernie Ball BFR Luke (Bahama Blue) AWESOME - Thanks Colin.
    Ernie Ball Luke 1 (that blue color)
    Rivera Knucklehead
    Rivera Bonehead Australia's best Musicman dealer.

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    My bass rig (im really a bassist):
    - SVT Classic head
    - Aguilar 4x10 cab
    - DR Hibeam strings on all basses (45 - 105)
    - SR 4 rosewood/natural, white pg
    - Sterling maple/Blue Dawn, black pg
    - Trans Orange MIA Jazz w/ s1 switch maple board, white pg (i use DR Fatbeams on this one)
    - Black MIA P bass, black pg, rosewood, badass bridge, duncan 1/4 punder pups
    - an Epiphone PJ bass w/EMGs (my first bass)
    - no FX or anything .... it sounds killer

    for anyone interested both Fenders are for sale

    Guitar stuff (i play guitar too and somehow ended up with a bunch of stuff):
    - PJ 6, pearl redburst ... or is it Red Pearlburst???
    - 1978 Les Paul Pro, Goldtop w/ P90s
    - Les Paul Studio Gothic w/ EMG 81 and 85
    - Mexican Tele, white/white/maple
    - PRS McCarty, McCarty burst, Dragon II pup in bridge
    - some cheap Acoustic
    - Fender Blues Junior
    - Marshall MG250DFX (for sale)
    - Boss Metal Zone Pedal

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