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Thread: 6180 Volume Pedal Not Working

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    6180 Volume Pedal Not Working

    i purchased a 6180 back on Dec 24th of 2009 and i
    believe it has either cracked inputs or they have burnt
    out and no longer work completely, the one time i tested
    the inputs and regular output/tuner output(after it seemed that
    it had completely stopped working rather than going in and out)
    on a cable tester with cables (cables which i have also
    checked with a cable tester and work perfect) they didnt
    register working connections. i am a touring musician but
    my band knows me to be very meticulous with cables/amps/
    pedals/guitars... everything. i know for a fact i have not
    abused, in any violent way, my volume pedal. it seems it
    has just died on me. has anyone encountered this? is this
    common? or did i get a warranty covered fluke? let me know

    thank you

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    Sorry to hear that you are having problems. Shoot me a PM with your phone number or gives us a call toll free @ 866-823-2255 and we'll help you out.

    -A.J. Braman
    Ernie Ball/Music Man Customer Service
    "Hello! This is A.J.! How can I help you?"

    If you have any questions or concerns please email me:

    PMs and messages written on my wall are not addressed as quickly as emails.

    If you want to know when your instrument was completed please post in one of the serial number threads.

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