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Thread: If You're Looking for a WAH, Then Look Here!

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    If You're Looking for a WAH, Then Look Here!

    Ok I'm starting to get in some stomp box effects and thus I would like to offer up a brief review on ones that really blow me away (is there a review section around?)
    First off I just got in my Ibanez ToneLok TLWD7 Weeping Demon Wah Pedal. I got it the other day but I haven't had much time to get intimate with it untill today, and with who else but one of my Subs. The first thing you notice is the unique design of this pedal, as it doesn't look like any other Wah effect that I have ever seen. Next the construction is very solid and comfortable, with the option of being spring loaded, returning back or with a free mode allowing the pedal to stay inwhich ever wah affect you wish...it also has tone lock knobs that you can depress, or hide them so they don't get accidentally adjusted during your performances. The on-off is also fantastic, as it kicks in when you start using it, and off when you're not with a fully adjustable delay unlike the Cry-Baby that I had with the stomp switch underneath...so when you were stomping, the Dunlop was going on and off...very annoying. The range on this pedal is also incredible...now it has adjustments up the wazzoo...everything from a deep tone for 7's to a more trebly tone and everything in between...I like using it as a subtle wah effect, warping the tone rather than going all out wah...but it does have that screaming ability, hence the Screaming Demon title. I can't believe how freely I am able to stomp my foot in an effective wah motion, playing along with my solos...I was never able to do this on the so-called BEST Wah, the Cry -Baby...it is so limited, whereas this pedal is everything I have always wanted in a wah pedal...

    I plan on recording some sound clips, just so that interested people can hear what kind of range this pedal has, both in motion and in tone...later!
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    As promised I have finally recorded some sound clips with my WD7 Weeping Demon wah pedal from Ibanez…funny thing though, yesterday I was searching the net for sound clips and while visiting the Ibanez site, I noticed another feature for this pedal that I completely forgot about…ok enough of that lets get this thing going.
    Now I recorded the clips in one long demo, so I will tell you before hand the basic operation and when you hear certain que’s then you will know when I change settings.
    I recorded the demo using both a semi-clean (overdrive) and a distorted sound with a touch of echo. I started with all of the settings at a minimum. (3 settings being characteristics, lo-frequency and fine tuning for the range) all in conjunction with the range switch alternating between normal and low (7 string ) frequency settings. So in essence there will be six main clips, all starting with me picking a simple chord, and each will be divided in two stages with the distorted sound taking up the rear. The six main clips follow as such:

    Range - Low (char. + lo + range: fine) at minimum

    Normal (char. + lo + range: fine) at minimum

    Range - Low (char. + lo + range: fine) at midrange

    Normal (char. + lo + range: fine) at midrange

    Range - Low (char. + lo + range: fine) at maximum

    Normal (char. + lo + range: fine) at maximum

    Please note I used the built in mic so the recording isn’t the best. You can hear me stomping and clickin away…Also keep in mind that there are a huge variety of available tones by mixing up the settings...oh BTW I apologize for the link, I couldn't find a place to host soundclips so I substituted my tunes with this clip...just click on the only song or press play...

    Ibanez WD7 Screaming Demon Wah
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    Most People Turn and Laugh When I Tell Them I Only Have 1/32" to Play With

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