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Thread: Volume Pedal Impedance

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    Volume Pedal Impedance


    I've read many pages on the subject but I still cannot have a clear idea of what to choose in my case.

    I use passive guitars (Strat, LP, 335) into 7 various pedals (Classic Wah, Fulltone 70, Dynacomp, Phase90,
    Plexidrive, Maxon OD9, BYOC Large Beaver (Big Muff Clone)) than my volume pedal (FV500L for now looking for a EB VP Jr),
    than Eventide H9 and Carbon Copy out to a Hotrod Deluxe.

    What I've understood is, if one use active guitars or pedals in front of the volume pedal it should use a low impedance
    volume pedal. So that's what I shoud do. BUT all my pedals are true bypass so, if I understand well, the impedance
    of my guitars should not be changed from high to low impedance when all my pedals are OFF. When pedals are ON
    it seems reading specs that the signal goes from low to high (at least for MXRs which are 1MOhm in and 10kOhm out).

    So what should I do? I'm thinking that I shoud use a High Impedance Volume pedal but when I use pedals it will be feed
    with low impdedance signal. Is it still ok? Probably I misunderstood or missed something about this...

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    Go for the 250k (high impedance version). Basically, with no buffers in front and every pedal off, the volume pedal directly interacts with the impedance of your guitar, and the 25k version wouldn't be ideal.

    If you think you'll put a buffered pedal in that signal chain, then get the 25k version.

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