Music is emotionaly very powerfull.

We all have music in our background of life. Songs that remind us of when we met our loved ones, when we broke up, music that was playing at parties when we went to when we were younger. Music makes us reminisce (good or bad) or "flash back".

For me Tom Petty's "Damn the Torpedoes" album reminds me of parties I went to at my brothers. ( He only had 3 albums that got rotated all night - Tom Petty, Lynard Skynard Gold and Plat, and a Streetheart Longplay single "Under My Thumb). There are a few others in my life. I'll expand later if this thread continues.

My father-in law is a vietnam vet. I was talking to him about this a week or so ago.
I asked him if there are any songs that when he hears them reminds him of Vietnam. I was expecting something from the Stones or maybe something from Motown. His reply was rather serious and humerous at the same time.

It is "I Say A Little Prayer" ( Dionne Warwick). He looked a bit embarrased saying that, but he said that song got played everyewhere he went and when he hears it today he "flashes back" to Vietnam.