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Thread: Playing a gig with Metallica - help us live out our dream :-)

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    Talking Playing a gig with Metallica - help us live out our dream :-)

    Hi all you amazing people here on EB forums!

    Incredibly, i've gotten a chance to live out my all-time biggest dream ever since i was a little kid - warming up for none other than the mighty Metallica!

    This would probably be the biggest experience in my life; playing in front of 15.000 people(!) when they visit Copenhagen in february.

    However, in order to win, my band DEFECTO needs to get as many votes as possible in an online competition.

    Therefore, I kindly ask that you help me getting this dream to come true - it only takes a quick vote on "DEFECTO" in the following link (and a share with friends!):
    You Pick the Opening Acts in Copenhagen - Metallica

    I know this is a lot to ask for, but there's just no saying how much it would mean to me!

    So sorry for the plug - but we hope you can understand why this is important to us

    If you want to listen to us before you vote, you can find a couple of videos here (including some shredding on some Music Man Petrucci sigs!)
    Defecto - Excluded [Official Video HD] - YouTube
    Defecto - Sovereign (Official Video) - YouTube

    Thank you so SO much!

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    Here is a vote for you. Good luck. Looks like you're in the lead at 17.46%!
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    Thank you so much Markx!

    Every vote counts :-)

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    awesome you got put on the 4th date!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tajue17 View Post
    awesome you got put on the 4th date!
    We did indeed! And it was an absolutely amazing experience - a dream come true.

    A video from the event can be seen here (featuring a JP-13 and a Majesty 7-string Artisan in some cuts):

    DEFECTO: live @ Royal Arena (support for Metallica) - YouTube

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    Nice sound! congratulations I can here clearly some metallica influence in those riffs. Awesome vocals too
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    Nice. Good stuff there, and congrats.
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