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Thread: Buzzardís New E.P

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    Buzzardís New E.P

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    I hope this is allowed, Iím plugging my bands new E.P
    Feed Me to the Wolves.
    For a limited time only itís only available in CD format, available at gigs and for mail order.
    We are asking £5 per cd with free uk postage, £2 for anywhere else in the world.

    And of course, all bass parts were recorded using EBMM basses. (Cream & SunBlue StingRayís for the most parts, Bongo on the live bonus track)
    PM me for more details!
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    StingRay 4HH. SapphireBlack.2006
    StingRay 4H. Buttercreme. 2005
    StingRay 4H. ĒSunBlueĒ. 2005
    Bongo 4H. Sapphire Black. 2005
    GENZ-BENZ & ORANGE amps...

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