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20th Anniversary Silhouette Owner's Club

  1. whitestrat
    C'mon guys, I know there are at least 40 of us out there!!!!!
  2. Eilif
    We are not a talkative bunch, are we?
  3. PeteDuBaldo
    Over the weekend I tuned mine to D standard again with Beefy Slinky strings and WOW was it awesome - I almost forgot how great it sounds in low tunings... almost!
  4. reaper
    Just bought a brand new 20th Silo.Pick up this week!Photo's are a comin'!
  5. Eilif
    Inspired by Pete's DDII Gold Roller video, I was messing around with my 20th and a Vox Night Train (15W EL84 head), with the tone knob turned down quite a bit. Great sounds from the bridge pickup!
  6. peterd79
    Snagged a 20th from fingbeagle and it should be here by Friday. Please tell me that once i get it i won't be as hooked as you guys... my wallet won't be able to handle it! LOL!
  7. G0REH0UND
    Just picked up a 20th a few days ago. Dear lord I love this guitar!
  8. Eilif
    Still loving my 20th. :-)
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