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Welcome all 25th Anniversary Bass Owners worldwide

  1. Grand Wazoo
    Show your pics and share your thoughts on these wonderful basses.

  2. coastie72
    I's my honeymoon, I'll get back to ya after I have a feel for her
  3. Grand Wazoo
    No worries, and don't forget to post some pics up there
  4. coastie72
    What a bass, The more I play it the more incredible I feel about it. The only thing is, I think I am becoming an addict! It's hard to walk by it's rack on the wall without picking it up. What an amazing job all the EBMM folks done on this work of art!
  5. MadMatt
    I just bought mine last week. Quilted HH with Maple FB. I'm luvin' it! I've finely found the sound I've been searching for. The neck is a bit "meatier" than my previous Bass a Sandberg Basic Ken Taylor, so i'm still adjusting. (They are German, so don't worry if you've never heard of them)

    The sound is as incredible as the looks. Even our guitar player was impressed :-)

    Pictures will follow soon.

  6. metalarch
    What a great instrument!
    I have it for a month now and everyday I discover new sounds...
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