New Slinkys March 2020

do you take it to every gig

  1. DTG
    i just got my 25th,i cant wait to gig it but is there a gig you wont take your too ?
  2. Grand Wazoo
    Hi Dave, first of all congrats on your lovely bass, there's gigs and gigs, if it's a dive in an obscure area, any bass is at risk, low ceilings, cymbals, chopping headstocks, bar brawls all contribute to the risk factor, If I play those I will take the cheaper bass I have. There is a venue I play 2 imes a year, the Greenwich indoor basket ball arena (our small version of the Greenwich battle of the bands), there's enough room to run around the stage with a wireless, but the biggest risk of all is, never to leave any instrument unattended, when you go for a pee or when you get yourself a drink, always make sure there is a mate you can trust that can mind the bass when you go and spend a penny.
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