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Reflex vs. 25th

  1. ozzyrules
    Does anyone else own a Reflex(besides the 25th)? My new Reflex plays great,but is a c-hair shy of my 25th.It could be something simple like strings, or the fact that it is rosewood and my 25th is maple. Bottom line is that the Reflex is bada$$, but the 25th is one mean mother.Thoughts?
  2. setenza
    I have a Reflex which is a GC custom order, with a flame top and uncovered pickups. While I have yet to play a 25th, I am very pleased about my guitar and am amazed by it. I would imagine that the difference in the maple neck would be a brighter tone, while the rosewood is more "earthy". Is that the difference you hear? I have both rosewood and maple [email protected] and that is what I hear between them.
  3. edhalen
    My guess is it's the fretboard as setenza indicated.
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