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Albert Lee Owners Club "ALOC"

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  1. Rockmaker
    Hello to everyone!!!
  2. paranoid70
    Count me in.
  3. rmh925
    Love my BFR AL........
  4. elroy
    greetings to all!!!
  5. parker1963
    I am proud to be in the Elk's club....sorry ALOC club.Nice to be here and enjoy all the goodness that is Albert.
  6. MrMusashi
    now that the big al bass is out.. do owners join here??
  7. Jack FFR1846
    Jack FFR1846
    Editing so as not to clutter this with all my A.D.D. posts......

    After a week with the Al, I think I've forgotten where all my other guitars are. If someone moved them all out of the house, I wouldn't even notice. This is the best guitar ever! I'm getting ready to sell off a bunch of the others. Who needs them? Why didn't someone tell me how great the Al was before. No....really.....someone should have punched me in the arm and just put an Al in my hands and yelled at me "PLAY IT".

    Oh....and we need someone's Al in the ALOC picture on the top right......if the SUBoc can have one, we should too, right?
  8. Wide'Iwas
    I am certain the al hh is the best guitar ever made!
  9. cosmic
    Love my AL SSS
  10. MM90TB
    Thrilled to have made it into the ALOC! What an exciting and pleasurable guitar!
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