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New Albert Lee MM90 (African Mahogany Body and Rosewood Neck) ***

  1. guitar.michael
    Hey, just picked up one of the new Albert Lee MM90 models with an african Mahogany body and the all rosewood neck (very similar to the Albert Lee HH) and I gotta say that this guitar rocks. Like all MM guitars the neck feels amazing. We have two other Albert Lee guitars (SSS and MM90) with birds eye maple necks and I think I like the all rosewood neck slightly better. It has a very smooth feel. The guitar is surprisingly very light for mahogany. The sound of this guitar is truly unique. It can go from slightly dark, smooth bluesy kind of thing in the out of phase positions to a warm rockin' bight in the bridge, middle, and neck pup. This guitar really sings. Anyway, I'll try to post some sound clips or a video of the guitar going through a bunch of different amps soon.
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