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Axis and Axis Sport guitars

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  1. Smellybum
    Love my Axis - ICONIC body design
  2. Jack FFR1846
    Jack FFR1846
    I'm assuming that us SUPER sport Axis guys are also welcome??

  3. John Denner
    John Denner
    Of course Axis Sport guitars are welcome here!

    I own 1 of each myself!
  4. dany
    Well... I'm here and the reason is that I love my axis guitars and love see others axis too.... a modern classic
  5. dedodeoro
    hi guys,im toni from spain,and I have bought one EB MM axis to 2002 on tobacco burst .is a purchase by ebay and would want to know if you have any information written on the guitars axis, manual or brochures. when it receives i added some photos.
    thank you
  6. Kaiser
    Kaiser calling from the UK. Thats my Axis ss in black cherry above. Thought I would share a few pics of it. Will post some action photos soon when the band hit the road
    cheers all
  7. dlester03
    Well, I've recently become the owner of a beautiful Axis Super Sport. I've only had it for a couple of days, but I can't seem to put it down. One of the things I noticed however is that the natural maple fretboard gets very dirty. I guess I have to find the right cleaner to keep it looking pristine as I am kind of a freak about my guitars
  8. sjs3136
    Hi everyone, just bought an axis and it plays so easy. I love the versatility of this axe. Not to mention it obviously "brown" quality's. Right handed hammer-ons and harmonic tapping are a breeze with this baby.
  9. brasco68
    I just stumbled across this group and I'm loving the Axis pics from everyone! I love mine..it's the best guitar I've ever owned...it's sonic brilliance and versatility makes it the go to axe for the different styles I play. I love my Dargie Luke, but my A.S.S. gets the most playing time in my little arsenal.
  10. Slingy
    Really loving this new guitar! It just feels right!
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