Happy with my Big Al White Love the sterling neck

  1. Electric Frank
    Electric Frank
    The big al is amazing from the Sterling neck that I love already to the 18 volt 4 band EQ from the bongo and the passive tones WOW I love this thing I have the 4string 3 single pickup model in white, This beast can cover alot of ground !!!!! Thanks Big PaPPa !
  2. Grand Wazoo
    Yes dude and welcome to the Big Al Onwer's Group, show us some pictures!!
  3. Holdsg
    I aspire to be a member of this group. Currently a white BA4 for sale on TB for around $1000, WHAT a deal?. But I need someone to buy my black SUB4 before I can pull the trigger. Here's hopin its still around when I get the fundage.
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