Single H EQ Settings

  1. Stereo_Monkey
    I have my Single H now for around 4 weeks but to be honest: I am always grabbing one of my SSS BAs. Until today I did not find a sound that I love that much on the Single H.

    Do you guys have some advices for the eq settings on the Single H?
  2. Stereo_Monkey
    Nobody playing a Single H?
  3. Grand Wazoo
    quite a few actually, sitonmybass has one too
  4. Kamakiriad
    I now have a single H Big Al in transit, should be here in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to using in a band situation. Would you guys say it sounds closer to a Stingray or a Sterling?
  5. Stereo_Monkey
    Sound and handling are very close to the Sterling
  6. Kamakiriad
    Thanks for the reply. I love Sterlings, and am stoked about active/passive settings plus Bongo preamp...
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