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EBMM Bongo 5 HHP low b issues

  1. Mjnigro

    My name is Mike, and I've owned a stingray 5 H since around 1999. I recently bought a bongo 5 HHP from a friend, and noticed after 2 different people set it up with 130 gauge (tapered) and 135 gauge strings (both setups dropped 1 half step) that the low b string is experiencing some kind of over magnetization around the 12-14th frets. Neither tech I used could figure it out, and we could only reduce the wavy, in and out of tune sound by lowering the pickups far below spec. I assume this is a bi-product of me using thick strings and down tuning on a pretty heavily pre-amped instrument, but I did hope the bongo could handle everything the stingray can. While I don't usually play the b string in the high register, i would at least like the ability to do so, if needed. Any advice or assistance here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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