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  1. Jimmyb
    Welcome to Club Bongo. Get yourself a mineral water, take a seat and chill out.
  2. strummer
    I wants a Rad Red Lt Ed, dammit...
    Whassshs yall think, I'll find one?
  3. Jimmyb
    I want a Dargie Bongo now!!

    And an amp.

    And some ability.....
  4. mynan
    I wanna know who's going to be the first to order one in "Ice Blue"...
  5. somesmerized
    I'm in, please meet Trixey...

  6. Eggman
    Since I am going all Bongo - I thought I better join this group.

    I haven't order Ice Blue - but I just changed my order on my fretless HSP to Olive Gold with the Gold Swirl pickguard. Was going to get Sterling Silver but figured it would be too close in color to the Egyptian Smoke HS I already have.
  7. Eggman
    Hey ADoug - are you putting in much playing time on that beautiful fretless?
  8. DTG
    me and my old beat up bongo are here !!

  9. koogie2k
    I'm in....hahahhahahaaha.....I'm in!
  10. Jimmyb
    Does anyone use the Mark Bass 2x10 combo?

    What's it like with a 5 string?
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