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Evil One

  1. whatthefetch
    I thought other EBMM EVH/AXIS fans might get a kick out of this. First and foremost, I built this guitar out of my enjoyment of the EBMM EVH. If this post is inappropriate in anyway I apologize and would expect it to be deleted.

    I think it turned out pretty darn good considering that I painted it with lacquer spray cans in the back yard!! It actually sounds and plays sweet too!

    Basswood Body
    Birdseye Maple Neck
    EBMM Axis Pickups and 3 way switch
    Schaller Tuners
    Gotoh Floyd Rose
    Schaller Strap Locks

  2. nobozos
    I love the paintjob.
  3. joe web
    joe web
    nice work man!
    i know how it is to do a paintjob in his garage. few years ago it did the famouse evh candy stripe pattern on an wlfg special.
  4. hbucker
    Evel Knievel rides again!
  5. whatthefetch

    I came across this paint scheme on another makers custom shop model and thought it was really different and thought it would look good on my favorite guitar. I just couldn't by an Axis and ruin a factory finish! The serial number on this one is my wife's b-day..... Evil One.. get it?? .. which she truly is not, she puts up with my guitars!!

  6. dg5150
    Great job !!!

  7. Mimig
    Wicked !!
  8. straycat113
    I have to say you nailed the theme as one look before I even read a word had me think Knievil, great job.
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