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Bridge p-up height

  1. dg5150
    Has anyone noticed a difference in p-up height between the hard tail EVHs, and the Floyd equipped ones ? I have noticed on my hard tails, the bridge p-up is a lot closer to the strings ! Any thoughts ?

  2. nobozos
    As I don't have a hardtail, I can't give you a truely educated answer, but I'll take a stab at some possibilities.

    Here is something to try:

    -Measure the distance from the top of the pickup to the top of the body on both the Floyd and hardtail models and see if there is any variation.

    -Measure from the top of the low E bridge saddle to the body on both the Floyd and hardtail, and see if there is a variation.

    -Measure how much of the neck protrudes from the top of the guitar at the 22nd fret on both models, and see if there is a variation.

    My guess is that there may be a minor variation on the neck measurement between the two, with the hardtail being a smaller measurement, but only by a hair. There probably won't be any difference between the pickup height measurement, and the bridge saddle measurement will more than likely be shorter on the hardtail than the Floyd.
  3. nobozos
    I suspect that in the manufacturing process, the depth of the route for the pickup cavity is the same between the two models. Since the Floyd stands off the body more than the hardtail, the strings would be farther from the pickup. They probably made a small adjustment to the neck route to set the neck into the pocket enough to compensate. If the measurements are the way that I predicted, that's what it is.

    Please let me know if I was close.
  4. dg5150
    I think you have hit the nail on the head there ! . On both of my hard tails, the P-ups are a lot closer to the strings, than on the floyd equipped models .

  5. guitfiddle
    I have one EVH hardtail and a Floyd equipped Axis. Based on what I know are the differences between a Floyd equipped EVH and Axis (i.e. nothing trem or routing related has changed from EVH to Axis) I think it is still a valid comparsion.

    The pickups on my hardtail are quite a bit closer to the strings as well. Makes it a bit hotter. I can tell the difference in output when I switch guitars without changing pedalboard or amp settings.
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