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  1. hbucker
    This isn't intended to be an EVH vs. Axis thread - at least in the form of which one is better. But I find it interesting to read so much from people that these are the same guitar.

    Very, Very similar of course. But every time I pick up an Axis, it feels different than my EVH. I think the slight difference in neck width is much more noticable in reality than on paper.

    In the spirit of my original comment, I think the body contour on the Axis is a definite improvement. I also think moving the pickup switch was an improvement.

    So even though I wouldn't trade my EVH for an Axis, the Axis does have some serious stuff going for it.

    Anyone here understand what I mean about there being more of a difference than people let on?
  2. nobozos
    Oh, there is a difference for sure. I'm in the camp of people that say that it's not enough to worry about.

    My stance on the whole thing is this:

    If you are a musician that likes the sound of the EVH, and the feel of the EVH, but you don't want to pay $2500 for a used EVH, the Axis is for you.

    If you are an EVH fan (like me), and you like the feel and sound of the EVH, it's worth buying one.

    If the resale value of the instrument is important to you, you should buy the EVH.

    The differences between the instruments are well documented. Slightly wider neck, back contour, and different control switch configuration.
  3. nobozos

    The neck does feel different, but I've found it really only noticeable when playing above the 10th fret.

    Some say they notice a difference in tone. Some say it's because the pickups are different. As far as I know, the pickups are made to the same specs, except that they now have additonal leads for coil tapping. I would attribute any change in tone more to the different control cavity configuration. More wood was removed for a larger control cavity near the bridge, as opposed to two, smaller control cavities in different parts of the body. The old, smaller EVH routes could have given the body a chambering effect that is different from the newer Axis style route. I don't necessarily subsribe to this theory, but it is an explanation.
  4. nobozos

    Finally, even though the guitars are different, it's not enough of a difference to matter much. If you played an EVH for years, and switched to an Axis, you would probably get used to the differences to the point that you wouldn't notice them in a matter of hours.
  5. tommydude
    I switch up guitars a lot and really like 'em both. The EVH price tag gets outta hand sometimes, so wound up with more Axis guitars instead! LOL
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