is a kitten a good pet?

  1. errkaver
    is a kitten a good pet? Is it difficult to care for him?
  2. Makarenna
    kittens are very cute pets, but you need to take proper care of him and do all the vaccinations on time
  3. errkaver
    I understand all this. that's why I'm thinking whether to get me a kitten or not. this pet will probably need special care
  4. tinkadott
    I can tell you this, cats carry a lot of positive energy. Most importantly, they are happy to share this energy, and it often helps in the treatment of certain diseases. Probably everyone knows that if a cat lies on a sore head or stomach for a while, the pain subsides. It may be that the treatment is based on the placebo principle, but it works - and this is the most important thing. Plus, caring for cats is much easier than you think. You need to equip a sleeping place for a kitten. Today there is a huge variety of cozy beds for cats, it can be rugs, and sunbeds, and special cozy houses. Of course, you need to allocate space for the toilet, buy a litter box and clean the litter box often . I also want to note that the kitten's diet should have the right balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and trace elements. Feeding the animal with the leftovers from your table, you are unlikely to provide him with normal nutrition.
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