JPXI-7 Piezo advice

  1. dandresaldi
    I´m new here and new to Music Man guitars, not because I didn’t knew them but because here in Mexico is hard to find EBMM gear and it is very expen$$ive. I went to USA a week ago and bought a JPXI-7 at a good price, it is an amazing instrument, I had to ask for vacations in my job to be able to play it all I want. I came here for advice regarding the piezo because I’m not sure I know how to get the best sound of it. I have 2 main questions:

    Which is the best way to connect the guitar to get the best piezo sound? (2 mono cables, 1 stereo or something else)
    How do I setup the treble, mid, and bass of the piezo to get the best sound? I know the saddles are on the back but is there any recommended setup? By Increasing the treble I can get a more acoustic-like sound?

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