JP 20th Anniversary

Left Handed JP6 Club

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  1. leftyguitarblue
    great idea to start this group Tim!!! We can celebrate in peace!!!
  2. NickDuBaldo
    Decisions, decisions... well, at least I'll have time to think about what to get.
  3. leftyguitarblue
    Where will you be ordering yours from Nick? : )

    You will be the first to know, that is great!! I will be ordering from you sir, day one.
  4. brasco68
    Very Cool idea...nice work Tim!

    Hey Nick...are you a lefty? I thought I saw a pic of you playing a right handed Luke once. Or maybe you just kick ass so much you play right and left! hehe
  5. TimSz
    I should stipulate that it isn't just to celebrate the lefty JP6's. We all have our other guitars... Luke's, ASS's, Sil. Spec's. They're all marvelous. This way we can share our joy and chat up these pieces of art without getting knocked.
  6. leftyguitarblue
    Oh I agree. I love my Luke. The silo hasn't grown on me yet. I need to give it more time. I don't know if i'm a fan of the maple neck. It seems to slow me down.
  7. brasco68
    True Story's a celebration of all that's good in the Music Man world. Although the negative vibe on the surface in the main room makes me feel Like a left handed Neo in the Matrix being surrounded by thousands of right handed Agent Smiths. haha
  8. TimSz
    I know that feeling... minus the Matrix reference. Hahahaha.

    Scotty, that's why I got rid of my first Silo! I sold it to Lefty_SS. The maple neck totally wasn't my thing. I'm rosewood all the way. It's so much more... better. Wow, where's the grammar police on that?
  9. NickDuBaldo
    I'm a righty by nature, but due to injuries I've had to revert to playing guitar lefty. So I'm not a bona fide lefty per se but it's not really possible for me to play right handed guitar. I've always liked the Luke and decided to just order one; haven't looked back.

    I'm not sure the JP will give me what I'm looking for because the Luke fits my needs to a T, but it will a nice addition to my little stable.

    I still noodle around on bass righty, but the fatigue is killer.
  10. brasco68
    Sorry to hear how the injury Nick. As a guitar player I would be crushed if I couldn't play the way that comes naturally to me. I admire your tenacity to not give up.

    Scott:..What's up with the Silo? I hope you can bond with it. It would suck if you couldn't get the same Luke like woody from something you've waited 6 months for.
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