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  1. NickDuBaldo
    I'd be willing to make it worse
  2. leftyguitarblue
    Dammit Nick, am I gonna have to drive up there again to claim it??
  3. TimSz
    My club died! Start posting again, kiddies! I'm back, so where are you all?
  4. leftyguitarblue
    It's about time. sheesh.
  5. Rhoads09
    Ok fellow Jp6 maniacs, i finally ordered my JP6 today at 15:20 on 5/22/2009. I ordered the Pearl Redburst w/ Piezo pick-ups. Sorry leftyguitarblue, i was going to order the Mystic dream color but the red was more me. Can't wait to get it, and for those of you yet to order one..............DO IT NOW
  6. leftyguitarblue
    Nice rhoads! I love the pearl redburst as well, and the KOA, and the olive gold. Wow, I'm gonna be broke!!!
  7. Rhoads09
    Thought i would mention that i finally got my JP6. I ordered it loaded and chose the Red Pearlburst Option. I love it, the best guitar i have ever played. Love the neck, I can now play 16th note runs at 250bpm when before it was just 180bpm......I'm kidding i still suck at guitar but at least i can improve with the JP6!!!!!!
  8. leftyguitarblue
    Hey guys...the last post here was 8-28-09?!?!!? c'mon where's the love.
  9. leftyguitarblue
  10. leftyguitarblue
    F-ing lefties
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