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  1. nick_in_STL
    Just wanted to say hello to all of my fellow Majesty owners on the forums. After playing mid grade Ibanez guitars for several years I had been looking for the perfect upgrade guitar. When the Majesty was announced, like many others I was very impressed, but initially didn't think it was for me as up to that point I had always used an axe with a locking trem as my main guitar. After trying the Majesty out in person I quickly realized that John Petrucci and Big Poppa have developed a trem with impeccable tuning stability without the need for a locking bridge. With that worry out of the way, and looking at all of the other incredible features of this guitar, I realized this was a no brainer. I ordered my Majesty the next day and am VERY happy I did so.

    Thanks to Mr. Petrucci and Mr. Ball for giving me as close to a perfect guitar as I can imagine.
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