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  1. Rick C
    Rick C
    Hi all: My Arctic Dream (6) just arrived. I've been plugged into an Axe-FX ii XL+ for two hours and I'm really happy with the range of tones. Just a few issues, both minor; the plating on the bridge looks worn right out of the case and the action is really high (for me). Combined with the heavy strings (for me) the guitar does not play anywhere near as fast as my Les Paul Custom. I plan to play with the action tonight and see what happens.

    Anyone else here observed the same?
  2. Rick C
    Rick C
    So I dropped the saddles a lot on the top three strings; they really were way off with the high E higher than the low E. Night and day difference in play-ability but I still find the Regular Slinkys too thick for me so I'm going to drop down to 008s and see what happens.
  3. johnnyboogie
    Hi there Rick, I had the same problem with my Arctic Dream regarding the discolouration of the bridge. It took place a few days after the delivery of the guitar. Very disappointed there, especially since I ritually clean any sweat on the metallic parts with a micro-fibre cloth.

    I too had the same problem with the strings. Although, I like the .10 gauge the factory (I presume..) setup was awful. The guitar came like a bow, and the fret-string height was immense. I had the guitar setup anew, and it played like a dream. (ended up trading it for a case-queen JPM100-P1).

    Kinda delayed but you know what they say, never too late =D
  4. Rick C
    Rick C
    johnnyboogie: why did you trade it? I did go extra slinky 08-38 and just love the thing.
  5. johnnyboogie
    I traded it for an Ibanez JPM100 P1. Furthermore, I decided I liked the Artisan version better, and went for that. Finally, I started feeling somewhat annoyed by the fact that the guitar is pre-dominantly green and not fuchsia, or purple. Nothing serious of course, just personal preferences =)

    I am sorry for the delayed reply, I just browsed this thread now and saw that you had replied.
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