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Recording session with Sabre bass

  1. depalm
    I have recently restored my 79 Sabre bass and finally today I had my first recording session with her.
    Honestly I can say it was one of the best sounding bass I've ever tried in my 30 years playing professionally.
    It went straight to a Neve Preamp to a tube compressor and to an old Pultec tube equalizer.
    Pure magic!
    I'm not authorized to post sound clips yet but as soon as the track gets to iTunes Store I'll post it here so you can check it out.
  2. oli@bass
    [email protected]
    Please do so. Looking forward to hearing some Sabre tones in real commercial music!
  3. TommyK-Stingray
    Hey , any news on where to hear this track yet?
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