Joe Dart

SLOC (Steve Lukather Owners Club)

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  1. starsky
    BFR Luke over here - Lukes rule!
  2. jbhafner
    This is cool!
  3. Roubster
    We need more pics in our club! Especially Mr. Hiro with his insane collection.

    Hey, that Tony Horton in your sig? hahaha
  4. lukeuser78
    Luke's Rule!!!!!! No messing!!!
  5. Chrickon
    Hello! Love my new Luke.
  6. Chalky
    Hi, I have a Luke 3, it is the most ergonomically satisfying guitar I have ever owned, almost only gripe is that the fitted 'Transition' pickups are too hot for me, and they are set too high as bought. Has anyone changed the pickups or altered the electrics? Does anyone know where I can get a circuit diagram of the boost circuit? Thanks and cheers!
  7. Rolando
    Hello everyone !!! Nice to have these club... Proud to be a Luke owner. I'm in love with my two Luke's. Best guitars ever played...
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