What kind of mods (if any) did you fellow Morse owners do to your guitar?

  1. PugNinjas
    Hey SMOC members,

    Just wondering what kind of mods you may have done to your Morse's? Beej seems to be the leader in this category but I'm some others have pulled of a change here or a tweak there.....

    I have been patient with mine, I waited over a year before I did anything
  2. PeteDuBaldo
    The only mod I have done is to wire up the tone control to act as a volume for 1 coil of the bridge bucker. It works like a charm!
  3. Butch Snyder
    Butch Snyder
    I actually have removed the humbuckers and replaced them with a DiMarzio Air Norton (neck), wired in parallel and a DiMarzio Air Norton (bridge). That and the PAF Pro/Fred are two of my favorite humbucker combos. I also replaced the 250k pots with 500k CTS pots.
  4. Dante
    got EMGS set in (85,sa,60) and tuned to C
  5. LegGodt
    I rewired the pickups in my 2005 Sunburst Morse. I'm about to do the same to my new Blueburst Morse.

    I contacted DiMarzio to get advice on the configuration. They sent me a schematic on how to wire it. The guys there are amazing.

    Here is how I have it wired:

    5-Way Switch (Replace the 3-way level)
    1. Bridge Humbucker
    2. Bridge Humbucker and Activate 3-way Toggle
    3. Activate 3-way Toggle
    4. Neck Humbucker and Activate 3-way Toggle
    5. Neck Humbucker

    3-Way Toggle
    1. Single coil closest to Bridge
    2. Both Single Coils
    3. Single Coil Closest to Neck

    2-Way Toggle
    1. Activates Bridge Humbucker with any combination
  6. Fontanz
    I didn't do real mods to my two Morse guitars. The only change is that I switched pickguards.

    When I got my first MMSM in 2007, I was a little disappointed because the pickguard wasn't matt black. A few weeks or months later I asked Music Man via mail if I could get a matt black pickguard but they informed me that they have changed from matt to glossy a few years ago, about 2003.

    In 2010 I got a used Morse in Blueburst with a matt black pickguard. While my sunburst needed new frets I asked the guy who got the job to switch the guards which he did.

    To me the glossy pg looks way better on the blueburst and the matt one fits best on the sunburst.
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