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Tuneomatic replacement

  1. medwinz
    Hi SMOC members,

    A friend of mine is using EBMM Steve Morse model for years and wants to change his axe. He asked me if I want to have his EBMM Steve Morse model. This is a good opportunity for me to have this old model with the good price. One thing bother me is the bridge. The thumbwheel height adjustment is missing and even the playability of this guitar is very good, it is annoying for me because I tend to put the palm on the bridge while playing and it feels that something bite my palm.

    Also i think the 3 way toggle switch and 3 way lever are already change. Where can I get the original EBMM replacement parts for tuneomatic bridge and the switch (toggle and lever)? Is it easy to change the bridge considering current situation?

    Here are the pictures:

    Any advice are very much appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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