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  1. PugNinjas
    We're in dire need of more pics
  2. guitarman23
    what i really need to see are some more pics of a D-Purpleburst!!!!!!
    are they going extinct or something? lol
  3. Butch Snyder
    Butch Snyder
    Hey dudes, why didn't y'all tell about this group? I had no idea!
  4. PugNinjas
    Sorry, these groups were hot when they were first introduced but have cooled off a bit.
  5. joe web
    joe web
    didn´t know that there is a group for SM owners, just read it in one of the new topics.

    btw. i went to Steve´s workshop last monday. 1 1/2 hours fun!!! this man is a really nice person.
    i´m proud to own one of his signature guitars.
  6. rmh925
    Love my Morse....Best guitar i ever owned.
  7. Binks76
    I love my Steve Morse model as it plays so great and gets so many different tones! I got to see Steve in concert and I even got to meet him! He is a fantastic guy!
  8. blackmore
    i want a morse a trem version i will have one oneday,of yes it will be mine!!
  9. fbecir
    Steve Morse's pickups height (thanks to Tommy for the measurements !) :

    main y2d pickups are currently as follows.
    bridge single=4/32
    bridge hummer=4/32

    6/32 neck humbucker
    6/32 slanted single (pickup cover is flush w/ the pickguard)
    9/64 bridge single
    9/64 bridge humbucker

    this varies on the y2d on the bridge hummer pickup from time to time (slightly)
  10. Ernieballplayer
    I need to buy another Y2D!
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