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  1. Fontanz
    Hi there!

    Just joined the group after having noticed that it's there. I added some pics as you may have seen.

    To me Steve Morse is the most musical guitar player and the nicest person in music business. His guitar is outstanding in many ways. I love to play it every day. This instrument is inspiring. Trying to play some of Steve's compositions is the greatest pleasure because no matter how often you play one track while practicing the music is never bouring.

  2. lukather101
    Hi There all.
    Just notiiced this part of the thread , met steve at a guitar clinic in cardiff years ago , such a nice guy, freindly , made plenty of time for everyone , signed a few pics just wished i had taken my guitar to get that signed .
    Missed oppertunity i think
  3. LukeMan99
    At last i get yesterday my new EBMM Steve Morse. I love it. =)
  4. joe web
    joe web
    i need this guitar!
    hope that it will be in production soon.

  5. PugNinjas
    That is a ridiculous Y2D, I think my next Morse will have to have the Floyd
  6. Roubster
    What's up guys! I finally got me a Y2D and am TOTALLY in love with it!!! I have been missing out on such a perfect guitar for some time now...but I am converted now.
    Joe, I love that black-burst model myself. I REALLY hope it appears at winter NAMM...I WILL buy this guitar if it becomes available.
  7. yellowv03
    Lets get this group back up and running. Morse's rule. Heres mine.

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