Joe Dart

who here owns a 20th SR5?

  1. ivbenaplayin
    Hello fellow Stingray owners...

    Who here owns a 20th Anniversary Stingray5? Pick-up configuration? How do you think it stacks up against the regular Stingrays, etc...

    I have the HH model. I bought it for more of a collector's piece and started out just playing it a little @ home and @ church, but I've been gigging with it alot lately (ever since the low B rattled 3 pictures off my livingroom wall!)... I absolutely love this bass (who wouldn't, right?). I'm a converted EBMM player as of a couple of years ago, and couldn't be happier with the quality & sound of MusicMan Basses, and I'm very impressed with this forum as a whole. Lots of good information is layed out around here... Anyway, just joined the group and was wondering who else has one and how they like it. I'll check back... Eric
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