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  1. the unrepentant
    the unrepentant
    come on guys! i know at least 4 other people on these boards that have SUB basses!
  2. five7
    My fretless sub 5 got me started with my love affair with ernie b. Now I have two sub 5s and a stingray.
  3. the unrepentant
    the unrepentant
    awesome man, pics?
  4. luckman
    Count me in Gentlemen I love my June 2003 SUB,the best 99.99 / $153 that I have ever spent on basses.
  5. Five-string
    Thanks for the invite. I love my SUB 5, best bass I have ever owned up to this point. I was playing on Tobias Toby 5's (Korean made) before I switched. Glad I sold them both and made the transition.
    So, though I plan on buying either a BONGO or a Sterling in the future as well, my SUB 5 will always be a part of my collection.
  6. Hutton
    My SUB is going to stay with me always. My son received it as a prize when he was at the Bass Institute in London. As he already had a Ray he gave it to me. It's the bass that got me started playing bass. Here it is:-
  7. fly
    this club still going on........????
  8. Gearhead
    Hey Luckman,DO you want to double your money on that red sub?
  9. tino
    I,ll have a bit of this,got a teal one from new in 2003,still going strong

  10. donkelley
    I just joined - nothing wrong with joined years down the line, right? I posted pics of my 2 subs (fretless and fretted 5s)


    Question: How do we skip the viagra spam posts? is there some sort of filter? is there someone we can shoot (such as a Viagra distributor)?

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