Tremolo Arm

  1. telemike
    Does anyone know what size replacement arm will fit the Sub-1 tremolo? I can get an EBMM part XB937W for $22.50.

    I was wondering if there was a generic that would work?
  2. slanderous666
    You and me both haha. I was given a fender trem arm by my dealer but it doesnt fit my sub1.
  3. telemike
    I bought the EBMM arm and it works great
  4. bigfatdeal

    This is a long shot but I've been looking for a replacement trem arm for my SUB 1 for a while now. Can you tell me where and how you got yours?

    Thanks a lot!
  5. ju'esquire
    hello I seek a vibrato arm for my sub 1 you know where I can buy one in Europe or export to France ?
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