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"Which pickups are you using?" Thread

  1. nobozos
    I'll start. I replaced the stock Sub 1 bridge pickup with the non-relic EVH pickup. So far, the pickup sounds great. It was designed to work with a 500k volume pot, so I expected it to be really dark, and not sound right. As luck would have it, it actually sounds great with the stock 250k pots. I would recommend this pickup for the Sub 1.

    Sometime down the road, I think I'm going to put a P-Rail in the neck.
  2. marvo
    I put a dimarzio x2n in my bridge only p/u sub 1,I may try something different down the road a bit as this p/u is kinda brutal but thats what I wanted.
  3. Sticky1973
    I've kinda overlooked this sub-forum for a while, so a late reply from me.

    I have the following DiMarzio setup in my Sub:

    DiMarzio D Sonic DP207F
    DiMarzio Area '61 DP416
    DiMarzio Air Norton DP193

    All in a Y2D layout.

    Sounds good, though the D Sonic perhaps should have been flipped.
  4. angelspainter
    Dimarzios; Tone Zone bridge and Air Zone neck
  5. Warg Master
    Warg Master
    I'll resurrect this a little..

    Sub 1 #1
    Neck - DiMarzio Air Norton (Chrome)
    Bridge - DiMarzio Evolution (Chrome)

    Sub1 #2
    Neck - DiMarzio Liquifire
    Bridge - DiMarzio Evolution

  6. huggre

    I currently have two Sub's where one of them have been re-routed to a SSS configuraton.

    My first Sub (HH) is loaded with with a Seymour Duncan JB SH4 in bridge and Jazz in neck.
    I guess these pickups dont need any further introduction except that they both sounds great in the Sub.
    The JB is pretty hot so it's great for hard rock and metal.

    My second Sub (SSS) is loaded with a set of Lollar Blackfaces.
    The tone in these pickups is just fantastic, however, this being my first SSS gutar ever, i still have problems getting used to the hum they generate.
    Im thinking about swaping them out for a set of Dimarzio Area's, not for the tone but for the hum.
  7. tlasol
    Hello fellow Subbers!

    Got my first EBMM guitar today, a Cinnammon Sub1 with trem and bridge humbucker, in original condition. Damn I'm in love! I think my Prestige RG is in danger now...

    Going to do some mods, though. Any opinions about a pickup combo featuring Crunch Lab in bridge and Pro Track or Fast Track 2 in neck position? I'm mostly playing stuff from Satriani, Timmons, even John Mayer to DT. The JS2400 look is something I really dig and think would be cool for a Sub1, that's why such an idea. I'm not a big fan of single coils, so the Mayer indication is somewhat irrelevant If the Pro Track/Crunch Lab combo is dumb, I might just pair the CL with Liquifire...
  8. fbecir
    I recently put some Morse pickups on my SUB, and I love it !
  9. NickLee
    DiMarzio D-Sonic (bridge)
    DiMarzio PAF Pro (neck) <~~on the way

    500K pots (w/ treble bleed circuit)

    Debating routing a single coil, like sticky.
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