yellow humbuckers

  1. angelspainter
    Hey folks,
    I've got a hardtail SUB 1 in cinnamon sparkle with yellow humbuckers. Does anybody else have pickups in that color? Makes me wonder if they're maybe not stock. Like Dimarzios maybe? I could undo a few screws, lift up the pickguard and take a look, and probably will eventually, but I thought I'd ask around first. My SUB 1 hangs on my livingroom wall and gets a lot of playing time.
  2. angelspainter
    OK, so here I am replying to my own post, maybe I'll comment on my own reply. I could have a fine old time talking to myself all alone here in the SUBOC forum! Anyhoo, I e-mailed customer service and got a very fast reply from AJ who confirmed that all SUBs were shipped with black pickups. I obviously have replacement pickups most likely DiMarzios. I could lift the pickguard but probably won't, because taking all the strings off to do that would mess up the awesome setup I got going. When I have a guitar set up right here in Florida I don't mess with it! The guitar sounds and plays great and I don't really care if I have a Tone Zone or a Air Norton or a Fred or whatever. I added GraphTech saddles about a month ago and I'm real happy with those too.
  3. angelspainter
    Here I am again responding to my own thread! I couldn't stand it. I had the neck off to remove an annoying neck shim and pulled the pickguard up. I've got a ToneZone in the bridge and an AirZone in the neck. They sound killer.
  4. mwinemil
    Nice - here I am responding to you...

    I'm about to put an Air Norton in the neck of mine...

    Incidentally I went into my local boutique shop the other day and the tech there was putting a pick guard back on a strat with the strings still on...
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