Thought id say "hi"

  1. Vanguard
    Just joined the forum....been watching n reading for a year and finally found an excellent condition hh sub1 in "pewter" with the faux metal guard. All the rants were amazing piece of engineering for the price. Elated to be an owner n just thought it the curteous thing to do to say hi!
  2. Sticky1973

    Didn't get a notification on your post in the group.

    Perhaps I should look at my settings.

    Where are pics of your SUB?!!!
  3. toybitz

    Bitoy here...just took home my second music man...a sub1 in very mint condition, it didn't have the orig PUs had a pair of Duncans (a 59 and JB) instead.

    I will install a pair of Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell first before I start taking and posting pics.
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