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  1. fbecir
    Factory settings for the pickup heights :
    * Bridge is 4/32 from strings
    * Neck is 6/32 from strings
  2. angelspainter
    Howdy folks! Y'all got GREAT taste in guitars!
  3. Slingy
    Factory specifications :

    Size 12-1/4" (31.2cm) wide, 1-3/4" (4.5cm) thick, 36-1/2" (92.7cm) long
    Weight 6 pounds 5 ounces (2.9kg) varies slightly - 7oz (0.2kg) more with tremolo
    Wood Selected Poplar
    Finish Custom Music Man® Textured Finish
    Colors Textured Colors Only - White, Black, Teal, Red, Graphite, Blue, Cinnamon
    Bridge Standard - Music Man® style strings thru-the-body bridge of chrome-plated steel with bent stainless steel saddles
    Optional - Music Man® style vintage tremolo
    Pickguards Diamond Plate (Aluminum) or Matte Black
    Scale 25 1/2" (64.8cm)
    Radius 10" (25.4cm)
    Headstock 5-7/8" (14.9cm) long
    Frets 22 - High profile, medium width
    Width 1-5/8" (41.3mm) at nut, 2-1/4" (57.2mm) at last fret
    Wood Rosewood Fretboard with Black Painted Maple Neck and Headstock
    Finish Black Satin Finish
    Tuners Chrome plated enclosed non locking (standard bridge) or locking (tremolo)
    Truss rod Adjustable - no component or string removal
    Attachment 5 bolts - perfect alignment with no shifting
    Controls 250k ohm volume and tone - .03 uf tone capacitor
    Pickups Single Custom bridge Humbucker
    Optional - Two custom neck and bridge Humbuckers with 3-way toggle pickup selector switch
  4. fbecir
    Music Man SUB RIP

    The post of Big Poppa explaining why they have to discontinue our beloved SUB
  5. Vikunt
    does anyone know how many sub 1's where made before they where dis continued? i just bought one but someone told me they are to become a collectors item as they are discontinued. they dealer i got it from has one more in black and im thinking of buying the second as an investment, any thoughts or opinions?
  6. blackmore
    hi i ve just joined this group and will post piccys soon ,hello everyone!!
  7. mtenhagen
    My Sub1 has a printed 'decal' on the back (see album)-Emergenza 2006. Serial #X13739. I am wondering if anyone knows the history of this guitar, reason for commemmorative, and so on. It would be much appreciated. Thanks, Max
  8. gasman
    Well I have had my Sub for almost a week now.
    So far I am very pleased with it/ as far as price point "Its a Steal" It has all the features that I would want in a guitar. Dual Humbuckers - Stock - that sound great to me. A very smooth Trem - Great feel - Prefer it to a Strat Trem. Locking Tuners with the coin Lock - That are a must on a Tremolo Guitar. Great feeling neck and very durable Body. Mine happens to be Burgandy with satin black pickguard. I picked up a MM case/ Very well built and much better than the Gig bag it came with. My Sub happens to be an 04' - I think first year production - And I think who ever owned it - never played it - Its dead Mint. Spent a little time tonight changing the strings and Treating the Rosewood neck. And it plays very well. My only negative if I really had one would be its weight. I am guessing it is somewhere around 8LBS. or more. Hope to post some Pics this week.
  9. gasman
    Max-- From what I have read the Emergenza 2006 Sub Guitars - Where given out by Ernie Ball through a Guitar contest. They also gave out Axis guitars to some winners. I don't know if they are more collectable - but are very cool and unique. Just call EB Customer service and I am sure they can give you all the info.
  10. gasman
    A Pic of my New/Old Sub1 --
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