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SUBOC (SUB Guitar Owner Club)

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  1. nobozos
    Pic of my new, new Sub 1.

  2. grungebob
    Do all Sub's serial numbers start with an X?
  3. R and R
    R and R
    Hello from the newest member of the group. Here is my SUB1 guitar that I modified.

  4. wolfdogg
    R&R... nice guitar! Did you put a different tremolo on that? Hard for me to tell... but I've been wondering if I could put a Music Man tremolo on one of these. I still love the way my Sub 1 plays... 4 years later and still very pleased! Just always wished I had a bit more flexible tremolo, though I'm still happy I can get quite nasty with this one and it stays right in tune still.
    I've got the GR-55 mounted on mine as well.. but getting ready to take it off and sell. I just don't like playing live with those.. too much pause when switching between banks.
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