BFR Feb 2020

The John Petrucci Model Owner's Club (JPOC)

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  1. Josh O
    Josh O
    Man alive, I gotta pay better attention to what's going on around here!! Didn't realize we JP owners had this group!!
  2. epifanto
    hello guys, i'm newbie from indonesia.
    though only have one EBMM, I'm glad to join this club!
    keep on rockin!!
  3. Flyingvb
    @Lefty, they really do fit like a gove, my only complaint is tht they took the scoop out of the newer models That was really comfortable.
  4. Lax
    Hi there ! Getting my third JP wednesday, had to join the group ^^
  5. CHill
    Just noticed the JPOC so I joined. Great EBMM guitar!!! Cheers !!!!!
  6. TheWalkinDude
    I'm in - thanks Whitestrat
  7. rockerjt
    Just got my first JP; JP6, Mystic Dream, totally stock, totally amazing guitar.
  8. yellowv03
    I have a BFR baritone and a JPX. I need more.
  9. bardoq
    Hello everyone! Ive just uploaded a couple of pics of my JP6!! DOB 7/18/08 altough I bought it 6 months ago. Im really enjoining to be part of this family! See you folks!
  10. BCMCMoose
    Hello All! Really enjoying my EBMM and this forum! I posted some pics.
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