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The Silhouette Special Owner's Club (SSOC)

  1. whitestrat
    Hey Rob, where's that pic of your LE06?
  2. robelinda2
    I'll post it now!
  3. Kingkilla
    Hi, everyone! Kingkilla from NYC, now in Osaka Japan (15 years!). May I join your wonderful group?
    I had a Silo Spec in PURPLE 7 years ago, and sold it in a moment of sadness...Regretted it ever since! I wen through many horrible G.A.S. attacks, and never found an axe that good, except the Eric Johnson Strat. I just pulled the trig on a Pearl Blue Silo Spec HSS/maple board hardtail last night on ebay. It was this or a 69 Fender Relic. Guess this won! Gotta break the news to my guitar shop bud who held onto that Fender for me...Might sell him my Eric Johnson...Nah!

    Long story, but may I get to know all you wonderful folks?

  4. zombi
    I guess the ssoc is for silo and silo spec owners? I guess either way I qualify with one of each. The autumn redburst is my favorite. Still on the lookout for a burnt apple silo or ss with rosewood. If you hear of any lemme know!
  5. John C
    John C
    Well I guess I should join here - considering I keep buying, selling, and buying them again.

    While I wouldn't mind having my 2007 LE back, I'm more than happy with the 2010 Olive Gold that came in about a week ago.
  6. jamminjim
    Zombie the Silhouette Owners Club would be SOC . ;-)
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