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  1. Sounds good! Will have to get a copy off you when its done, as the last one was good! Glad to hear that you still have your Bongo, was/is a very nice bass, thanks again for the loan. As soon as I have shifted the other bass, got some $ (amp just cleaned me out) will be looking for a Bongo H4 so if you hear of anything please let me know, has to be Single H, Four string
    Good luck with the demo, and all other projects
  2. Good to hear from you! And you are out playing , very cool. I am playing with the same guys as when you heard us. We are called Bees with Guns now. We are finishing up recording an EP with 5 songs. Pretty excited about that. Also been playing bass with a christian ministry team that goes to prisons. So, staying busy. Still got my bongo and just picked up a sterling 5 H off of talkbass. Used the bongo in the studio thru a tech 21 vt bass pedal and a markbass di tone booster, sounded killer. I will try and send a link when it is done.
  3. Hay Bert how's it going ? not to bad here, started playing out again and loving it! got one official spot in "the Yarchesters" (look it up on bandmix) and few jams here and there, all good fun !
    The burst Stingray is still serving me well, its what mood I'm in when I wake up Cream Ray or Burst Ray ? and the 7xxxxr Jsss Delux that I brought couple of years ago .... beautiful bass but all I do is knock the dust off it and put it back in the rack, sad really so going to move it on. The decision is final single pick up bass ONLY!
    And moving things on it bit got a new HP in the post in the form of "Genz Benz" shuttle 6.2 plus 1x15 and a 4x10 and two stingrays to choose from !!!
    So anybody want to hear the rest of the band !!!!
    Hope all is well and good your end, All the best
  4. Just letting you no big thumbs up, the strings arrived here this morning, will give them ago an let you no how i get on with them.
    Thanks again and all the best
  5. Yeah it made it here safe an sound with the only marks on it were on the "fragile handle with care stickers" that they put on it at the airport, i opened the box at the airport to make sure it was OK and by the time id got it home it was still perfectly in tune let alone any damage to it (was still a bit un-nerving handing it over though).
  6. I read in your post that they wouldn't let you take the bass on carry on. I am glad to hear it made it alive! Thanks for playing the cd. I put a link on my sig, thanks!
  7. Played your demo to the friends who picked me up from the airport yesterday and it was liked by all, good stuff man!
    (need to put a link to it in your signature )
    Got the stingray with me and it sounds killer through my amp, sounds nothing like my other Ray, not better or worse just different.
    All the best Dan.
  8. My new band Idiotfish is playing out this week. At the Larimer Lounge Thursday night and Bushwackers Saturday night. Come out and I will buy you some drinks. Thursday night a good friend of mine samantha doom is opening for us. She plays a sterling thru an svt. Her show is one not to miss. She smokes!
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