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  1. I don't have admin rights to my band's page, so here is my personal myspace page:

    RaginRog on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  2. I'll check it out, and will then send a friend request with my personal myspace page.
  3. Cool stuff! I sent you a friendrequest with my band...
  4. Oh yeah, I left the classic rock band and joined an original punk band. 2 shows with them so far, and we spent the weekend in the studio recording 11 songs for our cd. Here is the myspace page url. The Snallygasters on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

    How goes it with you?
  5. Do you have a new band? Is there a myspace link or something?
  6. Mike Watt is cool, but I did not meet him in person. We had a longer Email conversation on myspace. He is one of the few who answer questions personally and respond quick.
  7. If you can afford to keep them, then you should. They're all very nice.

    Wow, you got to meet Mike Watt! He's seems like a very very cool guy, and an awesome bassist as well.

    Take Care.
  8. That blue one is a richwood, the bridge is original Fender from the 70ies. It was called 'the claw' and is really heavy. I chatted with Mike Watt about it who played one like this when he was in firehose abck in the 80ies.

    Its hard to tell between the bongo and the Al. Both sound great and different. If the neck on the Al was wider I would say straight Al, but on the other hand the bongo has perfect harmonics and kicks ass in any setting. I think I will keep them all for now. The Stingray 5 also is unique with the rosewood neck.

    I think I will get rid of the fotoflame Precision as well as the Thunderbird and maybe the blue Richwood, but without the claw.
  9. You have some nice P basses. The blue one with the unique bridge looks sweet. I had an old Aria like it, but the neck was slightly warped and it buzzed like crazy. That Big Al looks amazing too. So which of your new basses do you prefer, The Bongo or Big Al??
  10. Good to hear! I hope mine makes it to me for christmas.
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