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  1. Hey of the things I've noticed since I've been back is....whatever happened to that guy SITONMYBASS? He was very friendly, and his wife even joined the site? I remember he went from owning 1 Stingray, to about 5 MM basses in a few months....but I haven't seen him post?
  2. Yeah...flats rob a Stingray of that nice sound.

    Hey, so I scored a MINT condition on maple...I think it's a 2010 that someone didn't give a chance. I was able to return the Sterling, and am glad I did...this thing is in phenomenal shape.

    Yeah...Good to be back!
  3. Hay Rog, Sorry to hear about your sterling but cool you getting it sorted!
    I went off using flat wounds pretty quickly so just use Rounds on everything, EB Hybrids, orange pack, perfectly balanced for my needs
    Good to see you about around here again !
  4. I also meant to ask...are you using Rounds or Flats? What guage?
  5. Hey Danny,

    So...the Blue Sterling is getting taken back. I got close to doing a good set up, but I think the previous owner might have screwed up the truss rod...or it was never right to begin with. I don't want to crank on it, and it's extremely hard to turn as is, and the neck still has enough bow that I can't get the nice low action I have on my other basses. There is a Guitar Center about 55 miles from my house that has a nice Black and Maple FB Stingray 4 H that I'll be exchanging it for. I guess it'll be nice to have one of each, a Sterling & and Stingray.

    I don't want to post anything negative about the neck (moreso than I already did) on the Forums.

  6. Yeah its never a bad thing meeting back up, always loads going on like we are going to see the "Editors" tonight at the Ogden in Denver,
    An yeah the idea of the white cover... was just an idea, keep messing with the PG's an at the end of the day it will stay clear an as it was when i got it so ... just having some fun with it with out playing it !
  7. Oh...okay...still tough, I betcha your reunions are great though!

    Nah...your Sunburst looks "Golden" as is...I don't think a white pickup would look very good on it imo.
  8. No shes American and Im English, bit of a pain with the distance but never been a problem.
    I thought about the white pickup cover an putting it on the sunburst Ray with the black leather PG, what you think, definatly worth a try ??? (the stripse were a joke (honist !!! )
  9. Thanks for the comment about the LE, a white cover an PG is something that Ive thought of but like it how it looks, defiantly be worth trying it though, can always change it back with minimum effort, thanks.
  10. My long term fiancé lives out here so Ive spent the last few years going between the UK an US until we eventually settle.
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