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  1. very nice
  2. Job Done .....
  3. click on "User CP" its on the left of "Blogs" and there should be a menu on the far left showing multiple options, the option you want is "Edit Avatar"
  4. That would look cool , wish i had the gunstock neck mine is starting to get sticky from the laquer.Just one last thing how do get the picture to display against your user name , i feel a bit dull but i'm a newbie . great talking to ya
  5. if i meet steve morse in the future i hope to have him sign the headstock, that's why i removed the signature
  6. sorry about the ??????, what i ment was why the sanding of the sig
  7. i checked it up, it was a 2006 model.
  8. mine is made around 2004 i think, so its gun stock oil i think
  9. im sorry but i have no idea what you mean by "?????????"
  10. what year is your's , i got a 1990 morse just interested whether your neck is laqured or gun stock oil
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