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My balls & stuff

Let's dump here what makes me so happy to go home after work !
  1. My pre-2011 setup. Now in the rehersal room.
  2. Old pic of my stuff. 
Cheap classic, Kent jazzy thing, lyon washburn, jackson dinky ex with EMG, Vline sword (sold), BC Rich Warlock plexiglass...
  3. The rehersal room !
  4. Water, fire and earth...My 3 wifes XD
  5. My Roland TD3 and my girlfriend's merged in a mega drum set :3
  6. Water & Fire :) 
(just cleaned, oild and polished) 
Earth is at the rehersal room
  7. Our band's live recording settings, except it's a real drumset in the rehersal room. 
Furthermore, I don't own a multimix XD
  8. My new setup ! 
Yes, no more effect, since I need new stuff to go in the effect loop ^^
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